You are a virtual slime pet.

Your owner Suzie has been gone for days...

You have no idea where she is or when she is coming back...

While waiting you decide to clean up a bit, and show her that you can be self sufficient! You will make her proud!

Make sure to eat and drink every day, and clean up all your mess! Otherwise Suzie will get mad!

Will she get back in time before the battery dies? Play the game to find out!


The game has two endings! 

For the bad ending you only need to play normally, avoiding all the floating items!

The true ending is when you collect all the floating items! Careful though, they can be hidden next to other objects that may or may not make them blend into the game! You need to pay close attention to the map each time!

The floating items will slowly refer to something going on in the background. What is it? Play the true ending to find out!


Originally I was going to make a simple game with no twist, but as I was in the middle of developing in, I came out with the idea for the true ending when I randomly thought about special floating items. Though it did give me issues later on lol

Bitsy is a great game maker, it just has some flaws here and there, like when I made 5 of the exact same lines of code, and for no reason it added text boxes in between after each 2 line of code (like wtf)...and the fact that mashing through the text can cause the game to skip over event triggers (hence the disclaimer at the beggining). So you can imagine the pain I went through for that final cutscene. In the cutscene where you have to manually press a button for the text to continue, that's when the text box forcefully pops in. But I improvised and it worked out (even if buggy a bit)

If you are curious about how the game was made, I livestreamed the entire thing! Sadly I didn't know YouTube has a dumb 12 hour limit, so the last hour of me suffering to fix the bitsy issues are cut off, but it's still a good way to remember the fun moments of my first ever published game!

Making of Persevere

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AuthorTransyl Vampire
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, battery, pet, Pixel Art, Slime, tamagotchi, timer, Virtual Pet


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Like the person below me, I don't know which ending I got  (I collected the least of toys I could, and yes, I got the True Ending first), but this is the most saddening/angst game I have ever played. You did a great job here!

I have no idea if I got the secret end or the bad end or whatever, but that made me almost cry. Amazing game dude/gal/nonbinary pal.

I got the secret ending first.

Well even if I made it a bit easy, congrats!


There there :) everything will be ooookay